Top Level Quantitative Team In Digital Currency Field
Focus On The Investment In The Primary And
Secondary Markets Of Blockchain Industry
Quantitative Funds, Mines, Market Makers On Exchanges

Provide technical support and incubation for many early blockchain enterprises,
wealth management services for institutions and retail investors,
and other supporting blockchain services


The Introduction Of Honglin Group

Zhejiang honglin technology group is a diversified investment group, which was established in June 2013. Its business mainly covers various businesses such as private equity fund, investment consulting, asset management, blockchain technology investment, wealth management and enterprise industry incubation. At present, it manages assets of more than 800 million yuan and manages five government industrial funds, providing investment consulting services to clients of more than 1 billion yuan in total. The group mainly includes: Wenzhou honglin investment management co., LTD., Wenzhou hongsheng investment consulting co., LTD., Wenzhou HONGLIAN CAPITAL investment co., LTD., Shanghai hongna information technology co., LTD., HONGLIAN CAPITAL international co., LTD. (Hong Kong) and other subsidiaries.

The Introduction Of HONGLIAN CAPITAL

HONGLIAN CAPITAL, Red sodium information and Wenzhou HONGLIAN CAPITAL investment co., ltd. are affiliated with Zhejiang Honglin science and technology group co., LTD., focusing on venture capital of blockchain technology-related enterprises. , primary and secondary market value investment, cryptocurrency quantitative fund, mining, market making business of exchanges, we-media and related supporting industries. The company has invested in several projects in the blockchain industry. Our vision is to provide technical support and incubation for many early blockchain enterprises, and provide wealth management services and other supporting blockchain services for institutions and retail investors.

" The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. "

" We will bring you huge wealth with our professionalism and enthusiasm. "

Scope Of Business

Assets Management

Our quantitative strategies include procedural CTA, contract, coinage high-frequency trading, statistical arbitrage, alpha strategy and combination strategy. Currently, the operation scale is 6000btc with its own capital of 1500BTC. The core team is composed of top quantitative experts at home and abroad. It mainly serves institutions, exchanges, wallet customers, mine owners and high net worth people, and can customize products and businesses according to customers' retracement needs. HONGLIAN CAPITAL asset management team is basically the first level in all kinds of competitions.

Investment In Primary And Secondary Market Projects

HONGLIAN CAPITAL has invested and incubated several blockchain industry projects such as Ludos, force agreement, SMART UP, HNB, etc., providing technical support and incubation for many early blockchain enterprises, as well as providing supporting blockchain services.

Tokenization For Enterprises

Customized white paper,Customized wallet,Customized chain,Docking market making resources,Docking exchanges,Docking technology development resources,Docking incubation resources,Docking quantitative resources,Docking institutional resources,Issued token.

Market Making

At present, we undertake the market value management of several projects. There were dozens of successful cases before, which were highly praised by the projects and investors.

All Trusteeship Market Value Management

Design and planning market making plan, coordination with community publicity, market value management and operation, quantitative strategy, mainstream currency quantitative strategy.

liquidity Management

Provide currency management software customization and liquidity management software customization

Market Value Strategy Consultant

Provide currency management strategy

Strategy Software Personnel Training

Provide software address development and strategy customization, operator training

Listing service

HONGLIAN CAPITAL is the market maker and strategic partner of major exchanges, as well as the recommendation channel of some exchanges. We have successfully help dozens of blockchain projects, aiming to help project list on exchanges quickly and at a lowest cost, and solve the industry problems of high cost of listing and no optimal channel of exchange in the early stage of the project.

Market making for exchanges.

In terms of exchange market maker, we have established strategic cooperation relations with several exchanges. We are dozens of exchange's market makers (including Huobi, Okex, Binance, etc.) and has close relations of cooperation in the liquidity and contract design. The average monthly turnover is 200 billion yuan. We are the best market makers team in digital currency.

cooperation case


service item

Optimize quotation frequency, market depth and bid-ask spread of exchange platform.(trade volume can be customized)

Market making strategy

Operated by the top quantitative team in North America and domestic quantitative team, 24-hour strategy operation.

Project operation business

base information

Translation, white paper writing, docking capital and pr article.


Organization and planning official documents,Build the kol and character setting of the project.

Bulid Community

Build the basic framework of the community through our own fans and community alliance

Organize offline marketing

Organize investors' meeting, organize project roadshow and participate in conference regulation.

Event Support and Official channel operation

exclusive interview of project
Live broadcast
Planning heat events
design H5 game
Peripheral products(T-shirt)
Assist finance from agent cast website and investment organization. Interview + evaluation + marketing embedded + weekly report + trading data position analysis.

" Respond to changing challenges and opportunities with strong investment research and management ability. "

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